Monday, March 22, 2010

Never let them see you bleed

Had a bad moment last night when, against the express wishes of the vast majority of the populace, the authoritarian's wet dream was shoved down our collective throats. For various reasons, I won't be personally effected, directly at least, and I'm sufficiently accomplished at gaming systems to likely emerge unscathed from whatever comes next as well. So I asked myself, "Why not just sit back and watch the whole damn world burn?" My inner nihilist was quite compelling. Hadn't I done enough? I've grown more risk averse and less combative as I've gotten older, there's nothing wrong with that, is there? I mean, I have kids now. Besides, what can anyone do? Every single elected jackass knew damn good and well that the American people wanted no part of their monstrosity.

FUCK that. It's time I remembered who I AM. I have traveled the world fighting for what I believed in and faced, what I thought was, certain death because I believed it was worth any cost. WE as a people need to remember who we are. As a nation we have paid any price, faced any challenge, and never asked anything in return but the room to bury our dead and the continuation of our freedom. Now the battle is on our own shores and is far more difficult and complex than facing down an opposing army.

All is not lost. The reason this came to pass despite overwhelming opposition is not because we are powerless. It is because those who would control have learned about response times. That is why as this year's election grew closer, the push to pass the Obamacare bill grew increasingly frantic. They had to get it passed before the election because they knew they would not be able to afterword. The decision cycle for the government is flexible, however long it takes to get a bill passed. For we the electorate, it is every two years. Well, our turn is coming up. If we can avoid giving in to despair and apathy, we can still make ourselves felt. Everyone who voted for this abomination needs to be tossed out on their asses.

We have three years before this fully goes into effect. Time enough to fight it in the courts. To exorcise the corruption in Congress then demand a repeal. Time enough for hope. But if we just let this slide, give it time to acquire inertia then it will take on the sick, undying life of any other government program. Write your representatives and senators, shower afterwards, attend rallies, learn the details, inform yourself so you can inform others above all, give them no respite. Call them liars and tyrants in the streets, campaign for anyone who opposes them, don't just fight them at the ballet box, fight them from the soapbox, make yourself heard! If they call a rally, attend and call them out.

They have blatantly and knowingly opposed the will of We the People, we owe them nothing.

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