Thursday, August 28, 2008

Overheard Around the Manor (To steal a meme)

Me: ...of course the Army will get stuck at least buying a few for testing.
V: No way, the people who do acquisitions hate buying new stuff.
Me: Right, and since any successful, large scale military contractor owns their own congress-weasels, it won't matter.
V: Congress-weasels? They're Congress-critters.
Me: I like weasel better.
V: That is an insult to the noble race of weasels.
Me: Weasels?
V: Comparatively noble, anyway.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Schoolhouse fun

So I recently signed up for a college class on base on American National Government. In other words, it's an advanced civics course regarding the federal government. Hurray fun!

As I expected, I was the only one who knew the historical origins of democracy (ancient Greece), but I really expected more of the students to at least know the structure and purposes of our government. Out of about seventeen of us, only five knew what separation of powers and checks & balances were. Only two of us knew what federalism was and one person thought welfare and universal medical care where guaranteed rights.

The first class was the worst as only a few other students answered any questions and those answers lead me to the conclusion I was the only conservative in the class. Took a smoke break and had to seriously ask myself if it was worth arguing with EVERYONE or if I should just keep my head down.

Decided to quit whining and man up, and when I spoke up, found out I was far from alone. It should be interesting.

In Praise of an Ugly Gun

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently acquired a shiny new Springfield XD .45 Compact. I made no bones about the aesthetic failing of it at the time. Why am I bringing this up again?

Last night I was over at a friend's house and, shockingly enough, we were arguing a wide variety of topics. We finally wandered over to Glocks Vs. XDs. Price, accuracy, ergonomics, and reliability were all mentioned and debated ad nauseum, but then, aesthetics were brought up.

"The XD is just an ugly gun."

A loaded pause followed.


"The XD is kinda ugly."

"'Kay, but in comparison to a Glock?"

"Good point."

Thought that was kinda funny, but it got me thinking. I've always had an affinity for firearms with a bit more aesthetic appeal. Like 1911s, Hi Powers, Camp Carbines, anything with a lever action, etc. However, I have to admit, the ugly duckling has really grown on me. With the shortened grip and ten round mag, I can hide it inside my waistband when wearing nothing more than shorts and a light t-shirt. It's accurate as any sidearm, not intended for competition, I've ever fired, as reliable as a Glock, and fits my hand like it was made for it.

It puts me in mind of the man who married a rather homely young lady. Every other guy in the village felt sorry for him, but because his wife was so carrying, kind, and thoughtful, he never even noticed that she didn't meet the standard for beauty. She was beautiful to him.

The XD sure is pretty...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Name change

You may have noticed that I changed by blog name. The old name always did seem a bit pretentious even for me, and since I never did blog a lot, comparatively, about self defense. So, while I will continue to occasionally write missives about defense, it will no longer be the, unrealized, main focus.

I'm back, probably

Been away for awhile, again... Between running my own business (which has thus far made less than it cost), looking for another job, and a very full college schedule, I haven't much felt up to blogging. In fact, I stopped posting on forums and writing fiction as well. Wasn't enough time, I thought.

Of course, I'm pretty much incapable of functioning for long periods of time without any creative output. I get edgy, agitated, snappy, and even a bit mean. This is why I carried around a little green notebook in my navy days that would gradually fill up with fairly crappy poetry.

Well, now I'm going to try blogging again. Unlike writing fiction, which I'm resuming as well, blogging is nicely unformed. I can talk about whatever I want instead of trying to remain within the confines of a plot that needs to be consistent. So, tell your friends, you're daily dose of crazy can be found here.