Monday, August 25, 2008

Schoolhouse fun

So I recently signed up for a college class on base on American National Government. In other words, it's an advanced civics course regarding the federal government. Hurray fun!

As I expected, I was the only one who knew the historical origins of democracy (ancient Greece), but I really expected more of the students to at least know the structure and purposes of our government. Out of about seventeen of us, only five knew what separation of powers and checks & balances were. Only two of us knew what federalism was and one person thought welfare and universal medical care where guaranteed rights.

The first class was the worst as only a few other students answered any questions and those answers lead me to the conclusion I was the only conservative in the class. Took a smoke break and had to seriously ask myself if it was worth arguing with EVERYONE or if I should just keep my head down.

Decided to quit whining and man up, and when I spoke up, found out I was far from alone. It should be interesting.


Larry said...

Keep the faith. Maybe you can help educate some people there.

Aaron said...

Yeah, I even think I have a good plan. Currently, most of the class seems a little intimidated by me, so tonight I'm bringing some bribes. Quesadillas fresh from the ranch. I make some good Tex-mex