Monday, March 29, 2010

I was wrong.

Today has not been a fun writing day. Not by any stretch of my, admittedly, very elastic imagination.

Ugh. Seriously? What the heck is wrong with people? This country seems like it is one poorly timed negligent discharge away from a domestic insurgency at best, and a damn, bloody civil war at worst! Every where and with everyone I discuss politics I hear bit champing rhetoric, incessantly asking if it is 'time yet.' People are freaking eager to see the ball go up and see the streets awash in blood?

Are freaking kidding me? Are you all out of your freaking minds?! Am I the only one who has thought this through? The situation does not mesh with the much toted, "We have the guns and they're a bunch of cowards so we'll win," meme.

It's as if everyone expects it's going to be themselves and their fellow patriotic, red blooded gun owners facing off against a few Feds and whatever cops side against them. What a joke! Nothing resembling a civil war is ever that simple. You think the military will side with us freedom minded folk or simply sit it out? Hah! Maybe some, maybe at first. But have you forgotten the witch's brew that makes up the gun owning populace? How long do you suppose the military will sit it out or side with us, when the Aryan nation is using the chance to gun down Jews in the streets? Yeah, I imagine any of us who saw them doing so would shoot the damn Nazis ourselves, but by then it'd be too little too late.

Hell, once the ball goes up, every whack job we'd distance ourselves from normally is going to be declaring themselves our fellow soldiers of freedom. Right before they blow up a federal building. Or a school. Or a VA hospital. How long do you think before large parts of the military decides to Hell with that whole mess? Leave that aside for a moment, if our enemies are half as tyrannical, base, and venal as our more eager elements believe they are, what is to stop them from using agents provocateurs to elicit the same response?

I'm not saying we should just roll over for the accruing violations of our freedoms, but violence is the last resort. If it ever is allowed to come to that, it will be long, it will be brutal, our friends and family will be the collateral damage, and our own military will be pitted against both ourselves and itself, crippling out nation no matter the outcome.

If you are actually wanting the ball to go up, growing impatient for the day the brownshirts come for you, or look at the reset button with anything other than absolute gut-wrenching terror, then you are an IDIOT and a liability to the cause of freedom.

EDIT to add: That was a bit more confrontational than perhaps it should have been. Sorry about that, today was nerve wracking and emotionally draining. Add the near run thing we had in Michigan recently and I was near convinced someone would kick off the shooting before week's end.

I understand people's rejection of the Clarie Wolf idea (if you don't get it, don't worry, you're not the target audience). If it is too late to work within the system, then it is NOT too early to start shooting, but in this country there's no such thing as a time too late to work within the system, but still too early to start shooting.


Tam said...

I just want the wheels to stay on for another thirty years or so, then the nation can go have all the civil wars it wants to, 'cause I'll be dead anyway.

Guy S said...

Wondering over from Larry's ...

Though such a thing (Civil War, armed insurrection, the breakdown of "civilization as we know it"; the list goes ever on.) has always been possible, and even done, once, in this country. Does any sane individual relish the thought of having to embark, or take part in such a conflict? I hope to hell not.

Granted there have always been "war lovers", those who lust after battle. Thankfully, they are fairly few in numbers.

Perhaps it is also well to bear in mind, most folks who talk about such (especially if they are coming from a military, LEO, background) are going to present themselves as "ready and willing" to meet any threat posed to their family (and friends), not out of arrogance, but because either their training or their oath (or both) dictates they do so.

In my limited dealings, since I have been retired, I can not recall one individual who honestly hoped for civil war, as the cure-all for all that ails this nation. But I have also never talked with any who would "just roll over and accept what ever fate dealt them", should such a thing come to pass.

Finally (long winded bastard ain't I), I would take the other side to Tam's statement above. If it was to happen at all (in the next 30 years) I would rather it happen now. I would much rather be the one to have to deal with this, than my children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren.

Mike LaRoche said...

If you are actually wanting the ball to go up, growing impatient for the day the brownshirts come for you, or look at the reset button with anything other than absolute gut-wrenching terror, then you are an IDIOT and a liability to the cause of freedom.

Exactly. The prospect of a civil war is very frightening, and most countries that have undergone such violence, and were not destroyed in the process, have taken generations to recover.

Larry said...
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