Monday, August 10, 2009

Just because I can

Taking a bit of a breather from the Sisyphean task. Probably just for ten minutes or so. Not long enough to write anything terribly meaningful, instead I will spout random facts.

1. There is a loaded .45 next to my computer right now, and has been every time I've written for the last few years. Strangely, it has never risen up and killed anyone.*

2. I can type somewhere around fifty words per minute most of the time. When writing in 'the zone' I can get up into the high sixties. Despite this, when done with a writing session, the day's word count divided by the number of minutes spent working on it usually come out around five.

3. There is a special 'relativity free zone' that follows authors around.

4. According to Luke 22:36, Jesus is a fan of the right to keep and bear arms.

5. The political elite currently at the reins in D.C. really do believe that we are as ruthless as they are. A certain level of concentrated evil tends to distort the perceptions of those present.

6. The Recession is over (yay!), Obama said so, any lingering effects are simply lies and elaborate hoaxes of the Teabaggers. (That's where all the money they were supposed to be paying us went)

7. A Fabrique National 5.7** is the ideal weapon to hunt large, dangerous game.

8. Dissent is no longer patriotic. Update your plans accordingly.

*I'm only admitting this now since Breda admitted to doing the same.

** Notice the itty, bitty muzzle? Yeah, me too.

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