Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why I sometimes avoid the news...

Ok, I never really avoid the news any more. Used to when I was on leave. Just in case I needed to claim ignorance of an impending recall when asked what I was doing on the backside of the beyond.

I may, however, start! Can Obama win the hearts and minds of Muslims? For those who don't want to hit the link, it's a gushing piece about how Hope'nchange(TM) is going to try to win over all those Muslims in Egypt, but he doesn't need to because they already wuv him soooo muches! It also makes sure to sneak in an unsubtle jab at Condoleeza Rice for her speech in 2005 delivered to student in Cairo. The article goes on to say the Lightbringer's policy of opening dialogues and expanding communication will work so much better than Bush's policy. You know, because he just yelled at them and bombed them and was so terrible.

There is so much in that article that is stated as absolute fact that is, to anyone who is still paying attention, entirely subjective. This is true with almost any news one reads involving politics these days.

The gubmint posts a list of US nuclear sites. Look past the worry mongering about security at the storage sites in the first half. They may well have said, "This is not the incompetence and/or malfeesance you're looking for." Security at that, and all the other sites where high grade material is stored, is as formiddable as it is humanly possibly to make it.

Honestly, the actual information released is not too big a deal. With a few days research, a savvy individual could likely piece the information together themselves. What blows my mind is that no one calling for heads to roll. Instead we hear specious concerns for overall security and nothing said about who was responsible.

Then several paragraphs follow about how it was no big deal, which is sorta true I guess, and how the GPO (gubmint printing office) simply posted it as a matter of course since they do so many and they had no way of knowing it was sensitive. Really?
Some of the pages are marked "highly confidential safeguards sensitive."
Uh, oops? Maybe I'm a little over critical because I worked in the nuclear field for a little while with both weapons and reactors. Shockingly enough, we took security really damn seriously. If I had leaked so much as an inter-office memo about coworkers' lunch plans, I'd be in Leavenworth still making big rocks into little rocks and little rocks into dust. But since this is the fault of some anonymous employee of the Obama gubmit, nothing will happen.


Larry said...

I'm old enough to remember when we had Marines on carriers. They were there to "provide security to the Captain" nudge wink, but whenever they would call a threat to the SASS you had better be standing clear. Otherwise you would be wearing Marine bootprints on your back.
Having been in the vicinity of the SASS during these alerts, I got my share of "face to the deck!" time as well.
"Protective" doesn't even do the situation justice. Downright phobic, these Marines were.
When is that book coming out?!?!?

Aaron said...

It's been unavoidably delayed. I had to shift the Islander colors over to a new unit, which is still being set up. No Firefox on it yet.

Also, I'm heading for Oregon today, although I'll be back tomorrow.

Bookwise, I'm in the final battle sequence which I expect to be about thirty thousand words, about a third of a normal book. Tried something new with viewpoints which is pretty cool, but very confusing. Looks like I'm gonna pare away the extra viewpoints and go back and expound on the others to give more clear idea of what is happening and when.