Thursday, March 12, 2009

The city on the hill

The shining beacon of freedom and justice. The torchbearer of liberty and the hope to live free. A nation of laws, governed by a body for the people, by the people, and of the people.

A nation forged in the fires of its liberation and whose freedom has been secured through its centuries by the blood of its best and bravest.

Its scientists and engineers cured more diseases than any other nation, reached the moon before any others, and plumbed the depths of the atom.

She defeated communism, Nazism, Imperialism, and even fought brother against brother to end slavery.

A country whose fire is fueled by the hard work, sacrifice, ingenuity, and ambition of its people.

Kind of hard to reconcile all that with what we see on the news every day, isn't it?

The laws are hardly applied equally to everyone. The federal government has repeatedly demonstrated a disregard for the Constitution and has worked itself into a frenzy trying to seize control of as many institutions and industries as it can. The media blatantly shills for those in power whose agenda they agree with and a willfully ignorant populace accepts it. Just to name a very few outrages.

If we want to hold onto this great Republic our forerunners built for us, we must fight tooth and nail for it. We face entrenched power brokers, a hostile media, elected 'representatives' hell bent on ruling us as subjects, and an apathetic, largely ignorant electorate.

There is no consolation prize. This is the last redoubt of freedom in the world and the hope of the free world rests on our shoulders.

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