Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Change you can believe in!

No, I'm not going Obama bashing, I leave that to Mr. Biden (rim shot!).

This here, is how I will improve government upon my conquering of the world, for we the little folk.

First, no more Ivy Leaguers trying to run the economy and write the federal budget. Instead, the only people eligible will be housewives from lower middle income families. This will have many benefits, the best of which will be listening to one tell a whining Congress weasel that he already spent his allowance and he'll just have to make due. Also, it might help bridge the gap between the elitists running the show and the common folk.

Second, a limit on the length of any piece of legislation. If it can't fit on a single page of standard size printer paper in size 10 font, it's too long.

Hand in hand with the previous, a council of dunces will be appointed. Membership will consist of twelve high school graduates with no further education. They will review all pieces of legislation to have successfully passed through both houses. If they cannot understand it, or even if there is doubt, it either goes back to committee, or dies. This will have the added benefit of highlighting the failure of the public education system.

This has been an announcement of the Irate Army.

Join the Happy Throngs!

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Pam said...

sounds good to me-Mom