Friday, October 3, 2008

Irate Wifey update

Following an unexpected upper GI scope on Tuesday, Wifey went in for laproscopic gall bladder removal on Wednesday. Still no solid diagnosis as to what the problem was, but everything except the gall bladder had been removed as a cause, so it had to go.

For the first time in weeks she's able to eat without a sharp, spasming pain in her abdomen. Now it's just a matter of trying to keep her from trying to do housework or anything else that might aggravate her still healing body. Not an easy task as she's stubborn enough to marry me and drugged to the gills on top of that. Oh well.

A hubby's job is never done.

Also, the reason I still wasn't around yesterday is that I had my finals, which I never did get to study for, because I still hadn't had sufficient time to finish my research paper which was due a week ago. Luckily the instructor knew what was going on and cut me a lot of slack.

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