Thursday, April 17, 2008

BAG day purchase, well not really

So it was made clear to me that for my chosen line of work, I needed a new pistol. Preferably two or three actually, but at least one. None of the guns I currently owned were right for it. Little bit of a bummer, trust me. I've been carrying and using 1911s for darn near a decade, and because they are single action and have a light trigger, it would be bad to use one in a job where I have to point guns at people from time to time (not wanting to shoot them, but willing to) and even worry about someone else trying to wrestle it from me.

So I've been doing asking some questions, which started with some pros who have been doing the job for some time already, and doing some research. Well, today I bought myself a brand new Springfield Armory XD Compact in .45 caliber with tritium night sights. A very nice gun. I handled it, fond it WAY more comfortable than a Glock, stripped and reassembled, tested for accuracy, everything. The trigger was something else, smooth as butter with a crisp break. Not too heavy or too light, although I may get it adjusted to a heavier pull (I really don't want to shoot a defendant). All checks out, very slick.

I'm obviously very happy, even though I won't have it in hand until Monday since I wanted (needed, really) the night sights. What good is a concealed carry permit if I can't take a recent purchase home the day I buy it? Oh well.

Only one complaint. She's accurate, reliable, affordable, fairly concealable, and has no safety selector, removing an unnecessary step. The only problem is...

(picture removed because I shouldn't have used it)

It is kinda ugly.
Oh well, functionality creates a beauty all its own. Too bad I believe in carrying the same concealed handgun all the time to prevent confusion at the wrong moment. I sure am going to miss carrying Julie (my fav 1911).


Larry said...

I don't think it's ugly at all.

But then again, I drive a Rampage, so my tastes may be questionable.

JR said...

Wouldn't the manual safety on the 1911 make it a preferable firearm to have at your side if you are worried about someone trying to take it away from you? If they do get your firearm in hand, that added moment while they try to figure out the safety might be a life saver.

Aaron said...

JR-the safety selector saving your life is more myth than reality. While it has saved a few officers in scuffles where their weapon is taken, it has killed far more when a cop needs to fire and can't.

It was the drop safety that I liked, since actually taking a gun from me or someone like me is a herculean feat, but dropping it when hit with something (like a bat) is something to worry about. Also, I use a pretty high end retention holster that I have to practice with daily, making it damn unlikely that a baddie will get it from my holster.

ihatefairbanks24 said...

Hi.. i seem to be a little late here.. but I just bought the Springfield XD .45 Tactical myself last month. Trust me, the guys at the gun counter thought it was pretty cool that a woman was buying the gun.. specially since its for myself. Anyhow. The action on it is great, I dont know about you but ive put over 1000 rounds, most refab, in the last 6 weeks, and i havent had a single jam. In fact, i havent had a problem at all yet. Side to side with my Glock G32 .357, I think the XD is prettier. Ive been told that the XD looks more intimidating when I shoot it as well. The only thing I like better about my Glock than my new XD is that I know I can drop my Glock in a river and it will still fire immediatley following. Hopefully I wont have to test the XD on that one though.