Monday, February 25, 2008

Who the heck do I think I am?

Being new to this whole blogin' thang, I figured I'd introduce myself.

I'm an English speaking, gun loving and patriotic nerd. Even though I only own about one out of every three books I've read, I have somewhere over a thousand in various locales about the manor. I'm a veteran of the Navy during the Clinton years and opening of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I have at various points been a wrench turner, combatives instructor, base cop, wrench turner again, boarding team member, a few things I'd rather not mention (not because they're secrets, get real, I just don't want to talk about them), a bail enforcement trainee, a military construction contractor, a health and fitness consultant, and minimum wage GNC sale's associate. Right now I'm in the process of writing a novel I hope to get published, studying and training to get my WA Bail Enforcement license, and kicking my own ass to be able to pass the Special Forces Q course, hopefully as a prelude to joining the WA National Gaurd's Special Forces unit. Fun fun fun.

I'll be blogging about what I think people should do or be doing to make warriors of themselves. Other bloggers have already covered, in far greater detail than any one person could, the benefits, pitfalls, tips, and tricks of using firearms for self-defense, and while I will occasionally contribute to this ocean of knowledge, I will be largely focusing on less covered means of self-defense. Unarmed, improvised weapons, knives, my beloved collapsible batons, you name it. My goal is help people educate themselves to be able to respond to any situation, not just the ones we're most on the look-out for.

Of course, I'll also be venting spleen about politics, singing the praise (or damning the soul) of new authors I've discovered, relating funny anecdotes I think people will like, sharing my covetous thoughts on firearms I wish to acquire (Sig 250, I'm looking at YOU), and anything else I care to throw on here. I may even occasionally answer E-mails. Who knows? It could happen.


Larry said...

Hi Shipmate. I'm a fat old retired aircraft wrench turner. I got here by way of a comment you left at Tam's place, your boot camp pic caught my eye. UNODIR, I'll be linking your blog.

Aaron said...

A zoomie or airdale? And by all means, do so freely.